Business Security Tips

Here are a few suggestions to help business protect their sensitive data.

1. When at all possible don’t store sensitive information on your own internal servers. Leave it to the professional. Reputable cloud services can invest a lot more money in protecting data then the typical small business owner.
2. One of the simplest however often overlooked security measures is using a quality anti-virus solution. Don’t settle for “freeware” or the cheapest product.
3. Use reputable payment processing services if you handle credit card transactions. It’s what they do. They have the infrastructure to more effectively protect financial data then the average small business.
4. Employee awareness is fundamental to protecting your business. The most technical and expensive security solutions drastically lose their effectiveness when employees and managers to do not follow fundamental security practices such as password management and email discipline.
5. Make use of the added security tools provided by cloud and software services. The few seconds it takes for two step verification can save lots of heartache downline.
6. Review your current security practices and polices regularly to make certain they work in an ever changing technical landscape. If you don’t have established policy and procedures, today is the time to start getting that in place.
7. Lastly, do your homework and research. There is an abundance of information available online for ways to better protect your business. If you don’t have the time have someone else in your company take care of it or outsource. Remember the saying “an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure” saying.

Be Safe