Security 101

So how exactly doe one get hacked? Here are some common security plunders that lead to exposing yourself to that personal data breach.

-Out dated software – Exposes users systems to security flaws that previously been fixed.

-To Trusting a public – Users giving out personal information through email phising and social engineering.

-Poor password management – Using simple passwords or the same password on multiple accounts.

-Too much exposure on Social Media – Provides material for phishing attacks and scams

-Not using available security solutions – Users not taking advantage of available anti-virus software or keeping it up to date.

-It won’t happened to me – Than who are the victims out there. Your data is valuable. Great info from Security Blogger Brian Krebs on this.

-Unattended devices (physical security) – Theft isn’t the only threat. All your goodies are on that cell phone.

-Open hotspots – Free wifi can be costly. Data is not encrypted unless using SSL) using Https.

I will be going into detail on these and other personal security vulnerabilities in upcoming post. Stay Tuned.