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Why Encryption?

For some inexplicable reason I like to carry a usb drive on my key chain chocked full of tools that may be needed and at a moment’s notice. Resulting in the predictable loss of a drive every several months or

Small Business Security Tips

The internet and cloud computing are powerful tools for small businesses. They enable the small business to stay on competitive footing with larger firms when comes to expanding markets and increasing efficiency. However, along with all the benefits of the

There Is A Process

Business owners and users should be aware of just what the hacking process is to better prepare a defense. Just as forensic investigations don’t happen as quickly is portrayed in popular CSI television series neither does hacking. There is a

Business Security Tips

Here are a few suggestions to help business protect their sensitive data. 1. When at all possible don’t store sensitive information on your own internal servers. Leave it to the professional. Reputable cloud services can invest a lot more money

Data Breach Laws Nevada

Many small business are not aware of their responsibility or liability when it comes to securing and handling PI (personal information). It would be a good idea in this world of “cybercrime” to become familiar how this impacts you as

Windows 10 Business Security

Trump Hotels Latest Victim of Card Breach

It appears hotels associated with the Trump Collection are the latest reported victims of a credit/debit card data breach. Brian Krebs of krebsonsecurity reported yesterday that multiple banks had traced fraudulent debit and credit card activity to use at Trump

Trillion Dollar Breach

Social Engineering

Simply stated, “Social Engineering” as it relates to cybersecurity is tricking someone into giving up information or violating security procedures. It is non technical in nature relies heavily on human interaction. Most of the major breaches heard about in the